Get Creative With Concrete

Product Information


Beautify existing concrete surfaces with our wide variety of concrete stains and dyes.  Great Plains offers penetrating water-based reactive stains that actually create a chemical effect with concrete, dyes that are ideal for interior projects, and more.  Proper surface preparation is always important and these products should be applied to fully cured concrete (28 days after it is poured and finished).  Call Great Plains at 913-385-9121 with questions.

Artesian Water-Based Stain

  • Brickform's Artesian Water-Based Stains penetrate concrete and decorative overlays to create a color effect unique to each surface and can be used on interior or exterior projects.

Blush-Tone Acid Stain

Blush-Tone Acid Stain will react differently with each concrete surface and every finish style (trowel, stamp, or broom).  The random, variated look will be uniquely yours.  If you are not sure which colors are right for your project, test your surface with the Blush-Tone sample kit.

Note:  Blush-Tone Acid Stains are corrosive.  Wear protective clothing and avoid contact with skin, eys, and clothing.  Do not breathe vapor or mist.

  • Brickform Blush-Tone Acid Stains are used to color concrete surfaces with a varigated and mottled appearance.  The final effect is random and will vary from one project to the next.  Normal coverage is about 200 square feet per gallon. 

Freestyle Pro Highlighter

  • This Brickform water-based stain is ideal for restoring and rejuvenating weathered and worn concrete.  Freestyle Pro Highlighter is also an environmentally-friendly way to create new color styles for your decorative concrete project.  UV stable and dries quickly.

Freestyle Pro Solid-Color Stain

  • Brickform Freestyle Stain penetrates and bonds with concrete surfaces.  The opaque stain changes or restores previously colored surfaces.  It may be applied over cured concrete surfaces, concrete pavers, and/or block.  Large kits cover approximately 200-400 square feet.

Fresco Stain

Special colors and effects may be produced by using multiple colors in secondary applications or combining two stains before application.  Color intensity can be reduced by blending stains with the clear extender Fresco Plus.

Not sure which color you prefer?  We recommend evaluating your options with our sample kit.

  • Fresco Stain is a reactive type stain that produces unique color effects on concrete surfaces and cementitious overlayments.  Fresco Stain creates a chemical reaction with the concrete to provide deeper and more permanent color.


  • Brickform Pro-Dye is a translucent dye designed to penetrate concrete creating a layer of vivid and unique translucent color.  The result is a quick drying colourant that will not crack or peel.  A great choice for trowel finished and non-porous surfaces.